'Dog cam' captures domestic abuser's zombie knife threats against partner

footage - West Yorks Police / SWNS
footage - West Yorks Police / SWNS

A “dog cam” helped to snare a domestic abuser after police found footage it had captured of him terrorising his partner with a zombie knife.

Anthony Murgatroyd, 38, set up the motion-activated camera in his victim’s home in the Cross Green area of Leeds to try to work out which dog was chewing the furniture.

Instead, on November 5, the device kicked into life when he launched an attack against the woman after an argument about him seeing prostitutes.

West Yorkshire Police said the camera provided “vital evidence” to their specialist domestic abuse officers which led to Murgatroyd being jailed for 20 months at Leeds Crown Court.

During the sustained attack, Murgatroyd dragged the woman into the street where he was seen hitting her before she managed to escape back into the living room.

Here, the dog cam captured him hitting his victim around the head and pulling her about by her hair, according to police.

Anthony Murgatroyd - West Yorks Police / SWNS
Anthony Murgatroyd - West Yorks Police / SWNS

The attack became worse when he picked up a zombie knife from the floor and lunged at the woman, before pushing the blade towards her face and making stabbing and slashing motions. She was then threatened with a screwdriver.

Throughout, a dog could be seen cowering in distress behind them.

The camera then filmed as Murgatroyd ordered his victim to open a beer bottle with her teeth and then touch his dangerous zombie knife.

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Police said she was visibly terrified during the ordeal.

The woman eventually managed to escape and raised the alarm with neighbours, who called the police.

Murgatroyd was arrested at his home in the Beeston area of the city following a violent struggle which required the use of incapacitant spray, according to the force.

With the help of the footage retrieved from the dog cam, Murgatroyd was subsequently charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of a zombie knife.

knife - West Yorks Police / SWNS
knife - West Yorks Police / SWNS

He pleaded guilty to both offences at Leeds Crown Court on November 7 and was jailed this week, West Yorkshire Police said.

His sentence also included a conviction for a previous domestic assault in August relating to his partner and a passer-by who tried to intervene.

He has 20 previous convictions, including for GBH and robbery for which he received a nine-year jail sentence.

John Holding, mitigating, said Murgatroyd was "disgusted by his behaviour" and "genuinely sorry for what he has done".

Det Supt Lee Berry, head of crime and safeguarding for the Leeds district said: “This was a prolonged and violent attack involving weapons, and the victim feared for her life during what was an absolutely terrifying ordeal.

“She was left so distressed and afraid of Murgatroyd that she felt unable to support a prosecution against him, but once officers secured and viewed the footage from the ‘dog cam’ they were able to use that as key evidence to progress to charges."