Dog in Crate Survives Tornado That Blew His Cage 4 Blocks Across Neighborhood: 'Pretty Darn Lucky'

The Nebraska vet who treated the pup's injuries called his condition post-tornado "pretty miraculous"

<p>KMTV 3 News Now/YouTube</p> Zeus, the Omaha dog who survived the tornado that flattened his family

KMTV 3 News Now/YouTube

Zeus, the Omaha dog who survived the tornado that flattened his family's home on April 26

An Elkhorn, Nebraska, dog's tornado survival story is nothing short of a miracle!

On April 26, an EF-3 tornado tore through Omaha, one of several to appear across the Midwest last week. The tornado destroyed numerous buildings, including the home of a dog named Zeus.

The pup, a 1-year-old Rottweiler, was upstairs in his crate when the tornado hit his home, KMTV reported.

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After the storm, his kennel was discovered with a broken door four blocks away from the residence, the Omaha outlet said. But Zeus was nowhere to be found.

That is until an animal control officer with the Nebraska Humane Society discovered the 126-pound Rottweiler later that evening.

According to KMTV, the officer found Zeus lying on a mattress about two blocks away from where his cage was found.

Zeus was not entirely unscathed by his tornado encounter but only suffered minor injuries, Stacey Smith with local rescue Bullies N Beyond ResQ told KMTV.

"He lost some of the nails on his paw, he's a little stiff on this hind leg, and he had some scratches on his nose," Smith said, "but from what he went through, he's pretty darn lucky."

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Zeus's family, focused on rebuilding their home, opted not to speak with KMTV, but the vet who tended to the pup's injuries, Dr. Kati Lackovic of Southpaw Veterinary Clinic, told the outlet that the dog's survival is "pretty miraculous."

"I don't think I would be in such good spirits had I experienced the same type of trauma, so it's pretty miraculous," Lackovic told the outlet before asking the pup his own opinion.

"What do you think, Zeusy? Do you agree?" she asked the smiley Rottweiler, adding, "Good boy!"

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