Dog expert warns against 'lovable' breed that can be 'incredibly dangerous'

Harvey, a Mastiff old English, at Dogs Trust Evesham
Mastiff dogs are generally lovely - but very powerful -Credit:Dogs Trust Evesham

Deciding whether or not to add a dog to your household is a huge decision. It not only involves considering health and lifestyle factors, but also the breed of the dog.

Dog behaviourist Will Atherton has warned that there's one breed in particular which should be avoided unless you have significant "skill and experience", as he revealed on his TikTok (@iamwillatherton). He cautions against the Mastiff breed, explaining that while they are "lovable, amazing dogs," their remarkable power can lead to challenges.

The dog aficionado states that without the necessary "skill and experience", these dogs could develop "reactive aggressive behaviours."

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Despite mastiffs usually being "gentle scaredy cats," their immense size makes them potentially "incredibly dangerous" if mishandled. Stressing further, Will advises those lacking experience or skill to stay away from this breed.

His advice quickly gained traction, with the clip racking up an impressive 163k views as pet owners shared their own experiences. One viewer wrote: "I found this. Always had Staffies but got a DDB and he is a nightmare. Unpredictable and reactive,".

One person wrote: "I love my Cane Corso big teddy bear but reactive with aggressive dogs."

Another shared: "Agree totally! I have Boerboel puppy, super intelligent animal, but only if you spend the time with them! ".

A third remarked: "They are definitely lovable amazing dogs, their power is unmatched."

Someone else pointed out: "Corso's are very stubborn also, I love them ,it's funny, you need to be the Alpha, they're hard to train for many. Experience is crucial, you're right."

And another individual suggested: "Basically do your homework before getting any dog! ".