Dog 'Fascinated With Cats' Really Wants Feline Friend

Ember the dog is “fascinated with cats,” and “really wants to be friends” with one, according to animal rescuer Susan Hicks. However, her video seems to show that Ember’s housemate Harry the cat is not too sure about the idea.

Footage by Hicks, who lives in Poway, shows Ember’s obvious fascination with Harry, as she follows the cat and stares at him.

“Ember is fascinated with cats. She fixates on them with an intensity that frightened me at first, since that intensity usually indicates a prey drive,” Hicks wrote on her Instagram page.

Hicks told Storyful Ember “tried so hard to become friends with my cat Harry.”

Perhaps Harry’s coolness is explained by the fact that he already has a canine bestie. Credit: @shicks403 via Storyful

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