Dog injured after saving sheep from pack of coyotes poised to attack

A farmer in Georgia has said his sheepdog, Casper, is recovering at home after killing a pack of coyotes that attacked his owner's flock of sheep.

Casper, a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees, fought off a pack of coyotes who were threatening Wierwiller’s sheep farm in the city of Decatur.

The fight lasted longer than half an hour and left eight coyotes dead.

Farmer John Wierwiller said that his dog had hurried off, but returned injured two days later after he put out a call on social media.

Casper's skin and parts of his tail were torn off, Wierwiller told Atlanta's WAGA-TV.

“He was kinda looking at me like, ‘Boss, stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me’”, he said.

In a Facebook post on November 28, the owner said emergency services were able to attend to Casper, who also suffered from a neck wound after the fight, which happened "a couple of weeks ago".

He added: "Casper will be back to the Lifeline Clinic this afternoon for a check-up there and probably to stay for several more days".

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LifeLine Animal Project has raised more than $15,000 for the sheepdog's hospital bills.

Packs of coyotes attacking pets have grown somewhat common in rural and growing suburban areas throughout the United States and survival rates from these attacks are very rare.