Dog Rescued From Cliff Edge in San Francisco After Spat with Raccoon

Firefighters rescued a dog that fell off a cliff edge in San Francisco after being chased by raccoons on Sunday, May 26, local authorities said.

Footage released by San Francisco Fire Department shows crews in harnesses scaling the steep terrain at Turner Terrace and using ropes to lift the dog to safety on Sunday evening.

According to the department, the dog was not injured and was reunited with its owner. Credit: San Francisco Fire Department via Storyful

Video transcript


Slow, low on both.


I know.

It's scary.


You get this, you're good.

I get a time smart.


I can do.



Slow, raise real slow.

Hold on there, do you?

Ok. Yeah.

Raised, slow, slow, slow, slow, slower.

Ok. That's good.