Dog trainer sparks fury as she names five breeds she'd 'never own' - including one that's a 'genetic disaster'

A miniature schnauzer
A miniature schnauzer -Credit:Getty Images

A dog trainer has listed the five breeds she would never own, including one pooch that she said is a "genetic disaster". TikTok user @pandorathedog0, shared which breeds she would never own herself, after being a dog trainer for five years.

The first pooch on her list is the New Foundland. She shared: "I love them, but I can't handle the drool".

Another dog that the trainer revealed she would not own is the Miniature Schnauzer. The TikToker also shared that she is not a fan of Doodles, which is the name for dogs that are cross-bred with Poodles. She said: "They're a genetic disaster and the worst thing to happen to the dog industry".

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Doodles are prone to a number of health issues, such as hip dysplasia and ear infections. English Bulldogs are another breed that the trainer said that she would never own, and she described them as a "walking vet bill" due to the amount of health problems they have.

The dogs are prone to a wide range of serious health issues, such as breathing problems, skin and ear diseases and eye disorders. She said: "I love them but they just don't live very long". Great Danes typically live between 8-10 years, while the average lifespan for a dog is 10-13 years.

The dog trainer's video has resonated with many, amassing over 800,000 views on the popular video-sharing platform. TikTok users flocked to the comments section to voice their opinions. One user commented: "I have two Great Danes and they definitely break your heart with the short life span. They are indescribable.. such sweet dogs."

Another user chimed in: "I have a mini golden Doodle and he's the best dog I've ever seen." A third added: "Doodles may be the worst thing to happen to the industry but my Doodle's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

A fourth remarked: "The mini schnauzer slander is unacceptable. My girl's beard is always pristine."