Dogs Behaving Badly clip goes viral for, you guessed it, a badly behaving dog

Dog trainer Graeme Hall is seen celebrating his success a bit too early, as pooch Prince makes a surprise appearance.

Watch: Dog's naughty behaviour leaves Dogs Behaving Very Badly viewers in stitches

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly has found a new star, after golden retriever Prince stole the show with his naughty behaviour.

A clip from the Channel 5 show has gone viral on social media after Prince made a cheeky appearance in the background, despite being told by professional dog trainer Graeme Hall to "stay". Hall and owner Jeanette start to celebrate his success at training Prince just a little bit too early — as his face popped up in the window behind them.

It was in fact Hall's second visit to try and help travel agent Jeanette from South Yorkshire with Prince's behaviour. Five years previously Hall had been called in to help as Prince had a habit of jumping up on his owner and pulling out her hair ties and clips with his teeth and running off with them.

A clip from Channel 5's Dogs Behaving Badly has gone viral when viewers spotted the pooch in training misbehaving in the background of the scene.
A clip from Channel 5's Dogs Behaving Badly has gone viral when viewers spotted the pooch in training misbehaving in the background of the scene. (Channel 5 screengrab)

Jeanette, who was diagnosed with cancer shortly after adopting Prince aged six weeks old, admitted his boisterous behaviour had become so bad she would cry. But she added: "He always made me laugh as well."

Prince's hair fetish was put down to Jeanette losing her hair to chemotherapy and then having it grow back. Hall donned a wig in order to train Prince to control his hair scrunchy stealing habit.

But five years on Hall returned to help Jeanette as Prince had developed a new problem behaviour – bolting out of the front door at any given opportunity. Hall addressed the problem by taping an "uncrossable line" in the hallway, and used training methods and treat rewards of doggie custard creams to "respect the uncrossable line".

Graeme, Ginette & Prince (Dog) - Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly (Channel 5)
Graeme Hall with owner Ginette and her dog Prince appeared on the latest episode of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly. (Channel 5)

At the end of their time together Hall left Prince sitting in the hallway and Jeanette told him: "Wait. Wait." She then said nervously "Am I going out the door?" before stepping outside and closing the front door while Prince appeared to stay put. Hall said: "Hey, look at that. Well done, darling."

Jeanette exclaimed to the dog trainer: "You are amazing. I can't believe that." The pair then shared a celebratory hug.

But just as they did — Prince's face appeared in the window behind them — blatantly flouting the rule of respecting the uncrossable line.

A clip posted on social media platform X has been viewed more than two million times, with many sharing crying with laughter emojis. One said: "That made me laugh far more than it should have. Dogs are ace."

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