Dogs now welcome in Tatton Park gardens - but you must follow these rules

Dogs are now welcome to explore the formal gardens at Cheshire's Tatton Park. Pet owners can take their four-legged friends to the park's stunning formal gardens as part of a summer trial.

The initiative started on May 1 and runs until the end of the summer period. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can explore fifty acres of formal and landscaped gardens with their owners.

The trial will be reviewed at the end of September. Tatton Park, which is managed and financed by Cheshire East Council on behalf of the National Trust, says dog owners must adhere to a few rules as part of the new scheme, which are:

  • Dogs must be on short leads

  • Make sure you pick up your dog's poo

  • Not everyone loves dogs, and some people fear them, so visitors are reminded to make sure their dogs don’t approach other people, especially children, unless it’s invited to.

  • In addition to the gardens there are some wonderful parkland walks for visitors with dogs to explore with over one thousand acres of ancient deer park to enjoy. Dogs can exercise off lead, under close control, in the parkland for most of the year but for during deer calving time they will need to be on leads and under close control from May 1 to July 31.

For more information dog owners should visit as well as looking out for signage on site during their visit.

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