Dogs From Same Litter Reunite on Beach Almost 200 Miles Away

Two dogs born in the same litter but given to two separate families were reunited in a “miracle” meeting on a beach in County Kerry, Ireland, over the festive season.

Noel McCluskey and his family were walking their dog, Smudge, on Fenit Beach on Christmas morning, when he said the dog ran toward another canine who looked similar to him.

Speaking to Storyful, he said that he and the other dog’s owners “began chatting and noting the similarities”.

Soon, he said they discovered that the dogs were the same age, and had been bought from the same “registered breeder” in Cavan, almost 200 miles away.

He then said they “checked their phones for pictures of the dogs’ parents that had been sent by the breeder and they were the same”.

McCluskey’s family had welcomed Smudge into their home in Dublin before moving to Fenit in August, while the other dog, named Betsie, was living with her owner “10 minutes” away from their new home.

McCluskey tweeted about the “miracle” reunion on December 25, with footage of the pair being reunited watched over 150,000 times.

McCluskey said the pair will now meet on the beach on a “regular” basis. Credit: Noel McCluskey via Storyful

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