Doja Cat appears to tease tracklisting for Scarlet 2

Doja Cat has seemingly shared the track-listing for 'Scarlet 2'.

The 28-year-old rapper dropped the album in September to acclaim, her fourth studio effort in total, and it looks like a sequel is coming.

The 'Paint The Town Red' hitmaker took to her Instagram Story to post the songs list on a whiteboard, sending fans into a frenzy.

It read: "S2








So it looks like a seven-song follow-up is on the way.

The 'Say So' hitmaker is embarking on her first headline European arena run in 2024, the 'Scarlet Tour', including dates in Glasgow, Birmingham, London, and Newcastle in June.

Meanwhile, she recently hit out at claims she is a "copycat" and "flat-out unoriginal".

The 'Agora Hills' hitmaker - who samples Dionne Warwick's 'Walk On By' on the chart-topping hit 'Paint The Town Red' - insists it's "impossible" for her to not have a unique style even if she is inspired by "the greats".

Speaking to Ice Spice for Instagram's 'Close Friends Only' podcast, Doja said of the misconceptions about her: “One is that I’m unoriginal.

“There’s a lot of people who think I, like, copy people. I pull a lot from — copy the greats… Then there’s some people who are like, ‘She’s flat-out unoriginal.’ That’s impossible!”

The star had hit back at those branding her work satanic on 'Scarlet'.

Doja confronted her critics on tracks like 'Skull And Bones', in which she reacted to accusations the video for her track 'Demons' worships the devil.

She raps: “Y’all been pushin satan this, and satan that / My fans is yellin ‘least she rich,’ you need that pact / Lookin like I got some things you hate I have / And trust me baby, God don’t play with hate like that / So you gon be real upset when he pick Cat. (sic)”