Dolly Parton meme goes viral as Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers take on challenge

Megan C. Hills
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Just a day after turning 74 years old, Dolly Parton has proved she’s still down with the kids after setting off one of the best memes of the new decade.

The '9 to 5' singer posted a picture on her social media, which showed different profile images you’d use for everything from LinkedIn to Tinder, and a rush of people have since jumped on the bandwagon including Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers and Terry Crews.

The singer posted the collage of four pictures to both Instagram and Twitter, where it promptly went viral.

Each picture correlated to a certain social media site, with a suited up Parton for LinkedIn, wholesome Christmas jumper Parton for Facebook, a moody black and white portrait for Instagram and Playboy bunny Parton for Tinder.

She captioned it, “Get you a woman who can do it all.”

Instagram’s official account even pitched in down in the comments to call her a “trendsetter”, with her Instagram post racking up 559k likes and counting.

Thousands of people have since posted their own take on what’s come to be known as either the #DollyPartonChallenge or #SocialChallenge - here’s our celebrity favourites and how to join in.

What is the Dolly Parton Challenge?

The social media challenge is a viral trend kickstarted by Dolly Parton.

Also named the DollyPartonChallenge, it pokes fun at the different ways people present themselves depending on which social media platform they’re using - from their highly professional LinkedIn shots through to bikini shots on Tinder.

It involves users posting a grid of four photos that they’d use on each of their social media, though of course some people have been tweaking it to hilarious effect.

How to do the Social Media Challenge on Instagram or Twitter

If you want to join Dolly Parton, you’re going to need to break out some photo editing skills. All you have to do is find four vastly different photos: a professional-looking one for LinkedIn, a wholesome one for Facebook, an artsy one for Instagram and your finest thirst trap for Tinder.

After that, you’ll have to put them in a grid and caption each with the relevant social media.

Once you’re done, just share the picture to social media and hashtag it #socialmediachallenge and #dollypartonchallenge so everyone else can see it.

Celebrity Dolly Parton Challenges

Miley Cyrus

Given Miley is Parton's goddaughter, it's perhaps no surprise that the 'Wrecking Ball' singer joined in.

Hidden amongst a million hashtags, Cyrus left sweet notes to her godmother which included calling her a ​#​legendwithafliphone, #queenofthegram and #memequeen.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo's social challenge saw Avengers stars Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. make a surprise appearance - plus a topless winking Ruffalo.

Paying homage to Parton's original caption, he wrote, "Get a guy who will play them all."

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's take on the challenge was one of the funnier ones, though her caption was actually focused on everyone else's takes.

Featuring a romantic shot of herself and her close pal Snoop Dogg as well as a gorgeous black and white throwback picture, she wrote, "This four photo meme is what lots of us have been embracing the last few days @dollyparton was the pioneer! @jimmyfallon posted the silliest and @Theellenshow posted a @Iamcardib look alike for @tinder My meme follows my typical historical retrospective Enjoy!!!!!!!!"

Jennifer Garner

Garner shared pictures of herself throughout her career, captioning her post, "Yes ma’am, @dollyparton, whatever you say."

Terry Crews

Terry Crews went with a comedic take on the challenge, with the ripped star posting four nearly exactly the same shots of himself topless.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's photos were a testament to the singer's career, featuring her winning an award, with a sobbing fan as well as posing in a risque photo shoot.

The Jonas Brothers

Where there's a social media trend, you're likely to find The Jonas Brothers.

They delivered with a tongue in cheek take on the trend, calling themselves "so versatile."

Viola Davis

How To Get Away With Murder's Viola Davis posted a glamorous set of pictures for her social challenge, hailing Parton as "legendary".

Kerry Washington

Scandal star Kerry Washington also paid tribute to Parton, before sharing pictures of herself as her Scandal character as well as with her parents.

Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres' take on the photo challenge saw her wife Portia De Rossi show up with their two dogs, plus also showed off the talk show hosts' many celebrity friends including Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara.

It was her Tinder photo however that really drew attention, as it featured DeGeneres dressed as her character Cardi E - who she appeared as on her show when rapper Cardi B visited her set.

Michelle Williams

The Destiny's Child member shared a fan-made take on the challenge, with the singer writing, "Y’all oughta be ‘shamed!!!"

Gordon Ramsay

Although we're mostly used to seeing Gordon Ramsay in a chef's uniform, he gave the world much more than it wanted when he posted his take on the four photo challenge - and more specifically, his Tinder photo.

Kristin Chenoweth

Calling Parton her "favourite trendsetter", the Broadway legend shared a series of pictures of her with a pizza and watergun.

Stephen Colbert

Talk show host Stephen Colbert asked if he was "doing this right."

His Instagram picture was a total nostalgia trip, as it featured a reunion of the Daily Show's previous cast of correspondents including former host Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms and John Oliver.

Doug the Pug

Canine influencer Doug The Pug easily had the cutest take on the trend and wrote, "Get u a pug who can do it all."


Fellow country singer Reba McEntire jumped on the trend Parton started, crediting the 9 to 5 singer on Twitter. She wrote, “I can’t be left off the wagon!”