Donald Trump bizarrely claimed that his phone got hacked by the 'radical left' when he dialed into an evening prayer session with Roger Stone and Michael Flynn

  • Donald Trump claimed left-wing forces interrupted his prayer call with Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

  • Trump was abruptly cut off during the call. Guests sat in awkward silence until Trump reconnected.

  • When Trump got back on the call, he blamed being disconnected on the "radical left," without evidence.

An online prayer session organized by a pro-trump Christian group ran into technical difficulties. Former President Donald Trump, who was the guest of honor on the call, immediately blamed it on the "radical left."

The "Pastors For Trump National Prayer Call," held on Monday invited guests like Trump ally Roger Stone and retired Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump-era national security adviser, and Trump himself. A recording of the call was uploaded to Youtube on Monday.


Shortly after Trump joined the call, host Jackson Lahmeyer, who describes himself as a pastor and entrepreneur, asked him what specific prayer request Trump had for the pastors on the call.

At that point, Trump's audio disconnected. The guests sat in awkward silence for a couple of minutes before Trump managed to reconnect to the call.

"Okay, I guess we have some phone miscommunication. And I think what happened was that the radical left was working on the phone. There is no question about it," Trump claimed, without providing further evidence.

Speaking to The Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo, Lahmeyer blamed "trolls" for flooding the "backstage" of the prayer call.

"Everything froze on our end," Lahmeyer told The Daily Beast. "I think the system got overloaded with the number of viewers."

Steven Cheung, Trump's spokesman, did not address Insider's query whether there was any proof of hackers messing with the call when reached for comment.

The prayer call was held to pray for Trump as he faces a potential indictment in New York regarding hush money payments to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Trump claimed without evidence in a Saturday Truth Social post that he will be arrested on Tuesday, and called on his supporters to protest on his behalf.

During the prayer call, Stone said that Trump was the victim of a "weaponized judicial process" in which a "routine campaign finance violation" was being used to unfairly target him.

Stone has been a long-time Trump ally. He was present at Trump's 2024 re-election announcement at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach in November, which was attended by very few congressmen. He was also sentenced to 40 months in prison for making false statements and tampering with evidence in an investigation into Trump, a sentence Trump commuted.

Michael Flynn, who was briefly Trump's national security advisor, pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia. He was pardoned in 2020 by Trump. Flynn is also known for his links to the QAnon conspiracy theory, and for pushing a wild, unsubstantiated theory that COVID-19 vaccines are being snuck into salad dressing.

Flynn claimed during the prayer call on Monday that Trump is saving the country from going along a "godless path."

Cheung said of the call: "Millions of Americans are praying for President Trump because he is the only one standing in the way of radical, liberal prosecutors abusing their power from targeting citizens they disagree with."

Stone, Flynn, and Lahmeyer did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment sent outside regular business hours.

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