Donald Trump Compares Himself to Mother Teresa as Hush Money Trial Jury Deliberates | Video

Donald Trump once again put himself on a pedestal Wednesday, this time comparing himself to Mother Teresa.

After jury deliberations in his criminal hush money trial officially began in New York City, the former president issued a lengthy statement outside the courthouse.

“In listening to the charges, from the judge — who, as you know, is very conflicted and corrupt, because of the confliction; very, very corrupt — Mother Teresa could not beat these charges,” he said. “These charges are rigged, the whole thing is rigged. The whole country’s a mess between the borders and fake elections and you have a trial like this, where the judge is so conflicted he can’t breathe.”

“It’s a disgrace and I mean that,” Trump reiterated. “Mother Teresa could not beat those charges, but we’ll see how we do. It’s a very disgraceful situation. Every single legal scholar and expert said this is no case, it shouldn’t be brought and it certainly could have been brought seven years ago, not in the middle of a presidential election.”

“It was all done by Joe Biden,” he continued. “This judge contributed to Joe Biden and far worse than that, but I’m not allowed to talk about it because I have a gag order. Far worse than that, by 1,000 times worse than that, the worst I’ve ever heard, but I can’t talk about it. It’ll be talked about, but I’m not allowed to talk about it, but it’ll be talked about in the history books. What’s happening here is weaponization of a level nobody’s seen before ever and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

Trump also used his platform to accuse Joe Biden of being the worst president ever, while calling Robert De Niro a “broken down fool” for speaking out against him.

His latest video comments came after he issued a similarly impassioned post on Truth Social earlier Wednesday, writing, ““KANGAROO COURT! THERE WAS NO CRIME, EXCEPT FOR THE BUM THAT GOT CAUGHT STEALING FROM ME! … IN GOD WE TRUST!”

The “Bum” in question is Michael Cohen, who was a key witness in the hush money trial. The former president is accused of instructing his former lawyer to pay off Stormy Daniels, a former adult film star, to keep her quiet about their alleged affair before covering up said payments by falsely logging them as legal fees.

Trump faces 34 felony charges, with a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Watch coverage of Trump’s courthouse comments from both Fox News and MSNBC in the videos above.

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