Donald Trumped: Newspapers react to knife-edge battle for the White House

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

With Joe Biden just one battleground state away from securing enough electoral college votes to become the US president, the battle for the White House is on a knife edge.

After securing victories in Wisconsin and Michigan, Biden had 264 electoral college votes and needed to secure one of Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina or his home state Pennsylvania to reach the necessary 270 to claim the country’s top position.

However, Trump must win all four states, and has begun legal action in three of them to either stop the counting of votes or insist his team be provided greater access to scrutinise the process.

Reacting to the upcoming legal wrangling, the UK’s newspapers have highlighted Trump describing the vote count as a “fraud”.

The “legal chaos” features on most of the front pages on Thursday morning, reporting on Trump’s threat to go to the US Supreme Court and what the president said was a “fraud on the American nation”, despite not backing up his claims.

Biden’s campaign said the president’s comments, made in the White House against a backdrop of US flags, were a “naked attempt to take away the democratic rights of American citizens”.