How popular is Donald Trump? Latest polls, approval ratings and impeachment odds

Ashley Kirk
Donald Trump latest approval rating and impeachment odds

Donald Trump's approval ratings are at relatively healthy levels in the month before the mid-terms according Telegraph's poll tracker.

The tracker, which takes an average of the last eight polls, put Trump's approval rating on nearly 44 per cent in early October. The president's ratings will be all the more important in the next few months as America faces first mid-term elections under Trump on November 6.

Below, the latest figures in our poll tracker show how his approval ratings remain stubbornly above 40 per cent.

This will prove a relief to the Republican president, who has faced tough weeks after his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, had been found guilty of eight charges in his fraud trial. It came on the same day Michael Cohen, Mr Trump's former personal lawyer, surrendered himself to the FBI and reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

President Trump is reported to be planning 40 days of campaigning for the mid-term elections, as the Republicans battle to keep hold of both the Senate and the House of Representatives - the latter of which is expected to be a closer challenge.

The period since Donald Trump's election has been packed with controversy and intrigue but, underneath it all, few people seem to have really changed their minds about America's 45th President.

His approval rating quickly slumped in the chaotic days after assuming office, with Trump achieving a majority disapproval rating in a record of just eight days. A year in, he is far less popular than previous presidents at this stage of a presidency - but overall approval has generally remained above 40 per cent.

At the 100-day milestone, Gallup daily polling showed that just 40 per cent of Americans approved of the way Trump is handling his new job – compared to 55 per cent that disapprove.

Historically, it has usually taken American presidents hundreds of days before they reach a majority disapproval rating

This has been the case for the last five presidents – with Bill Clinton lasting a record 573 days before more than 50 per cent of Americans disapproved of his presidency.

But Donald Trump smashed this record after surging into the White House on a wave of anti-establishment anger.

It took just eight days for him to gain a majority disapproval rating, according to Gallup, with 51 per cent of Americans saying they disapproved of the President on January 28, 2016.

Trump has faced persistent allegations over Russian connections, fired the head of the FBI, launched tirades against the media, failed to push through healthcare reform and has faced talk of impeachment.

However, while there has been an overall drop in public opinion, the President's approval ratings have remained relatively stable since July, even an uptick following his handling of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and Hurricane Irma.

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What are the latest impeachment odds for Trump?

As it stands impeachment is still unlikely because it would require a majority in the House of Representatives to go to trial and a two-thirds majority in the Senate to make it happen.

Both the House and the Senate are currently under Republican control, meaning that Trump's party would have to abandon him for him to be kicked out of office.

However, the bookmakers aren't ruling out impeachment with the latest odds from Ladbrokes showing that there is a chance Trump will fail to make it to the end of his first term in office.

Their latest odds are as follows:

  • Impeachment or resignation before 2020: 2/1
  • To serve full first term: 2/5

The Telegraph's poll tracker takes an average of the last eight polls in order to take a  full picture of the broad movements in the polling environment and not put too much weight on individual polls. Polls used are nationally representative with adequate sample sizes.