Trump has asked for help to choose his running mate - who would you pick?

Running mate
Running mate

Donald Trump has turned to his supporters to help him pick a running mate for the presidential race.

The Republican candidate, who is leading the primary race but has not been confirmed as the party’s nominee, used a campaign fundraising webpage to say he was “humbly” seeking advice.

Supporters can enter a name for their chosen candidate along with a number of their preferred attributes, including whether they should be religious or a military veteran.

The Trump campaign has not revealed who is being considered, and does not allow submissions without a donation. However, The Telegraph has recreated the quiz for readers from a list of likely – and less likely – candidates.

Tim Scott, who has campaigned on Mr Trump’s behalf after dropping out of the Republican primary, would be classed as a senator and person of faith who did not serve in the military.

The Florida senator Marco Rubio and Katie Britt, a senator from Alabama, would be grouped under the same options.

Vivek Ramaswamy, another former primary rival and potential contender for running mate, is also religious and not a veteran, but classed as a political outsider.

‘I need your advice’

Some combinations return only a single candidate. Joe Rogan, the podcast host, is the only possible vice-presidential pick who is not a person of faith, for example.

Other options do not produce any perfect results. Not a single political outsider – among them Donald Trump Jr, Mr Trump’s son, and the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson – served in the military.

“Before I select the next Vice-President, I need your advice!” Mr Trump wrote on the fundraising page.

“I’m humbly asking for your response before the day ends. I don’t want to make my pick without reading your thoughts first!”

“We will make America great again! I’m asking you to: make your pick for VP.”

Along with suggesting a candidate, supporters are asked to pick from a list of issues that should be focused on by Mr Trump’s vice-president.

They range from “securing the border” to “defeating communism”, and also include what is likely to be a contentious campaign topic: “protecting the unborn”.

Mr Trump claimed in January that he had already selected his running mate, although Mr Trump Jr later said that his father was likely “trolling”.