Donald Trump trial: Man sets himself on fire outside courthouse

A man who set himself on fire outside the New York courthouse where Donald Trump’s hush money trial is taking place has been rushed to hospital.

The blaze was extinguished on Friday shortly after a jury and alternatives had been seated in Trump’s criminal case.

A person could be seen lying on the ground on fire. People rushed over to douse the person with a fire extinguisher and try to bat the flames away. He was then taken away on a stretcher.

The fire happened in a park across the street from the courthouse which has been a gathering point for protesters and media outlets covering jury selection for the trial.

Dozens of police at the court for the Trump trial had rushed to his aid but were pushed back by the heat. After one officer tried to put him out with a jacket, a man with a fire extinguisher extinguished the flames.

Some witnesses claimed the incident was a "political protest", although it was not clear what side he was on.

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Journalists reporting live outside the courthouse reported smelling "burning human flesh" as the horrific incident unfolded.

CNN reporter Laura Coates said live on air: "I see a totally charred human being," before later adding she could smell an "accelerant."

The incident came as an entire jury of 12 people and six alternates was finally selected after a week of election.

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