Donald Trump will ‘probably like’ the protest baby balloon set to fly over Parliament during visit

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Donald Trump will ‘probably like’ the protest balloon, according to a confidant (PA)

Supporters of Donald Trump say a protest baby blimp set to fly over London is disrespectful to the President – but one thinks he will actually find it ‘funny’.

Trump confidant Chris Ruddy believes the President, who is due to fly into the UK today, will not react how people think he will to the balloon.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Ruddy said: ‘Trump will think the baby balloon is about him so it’s probably a positive thing.

The blimp is set to fly near Parliament on Friday (PA)

‘He might sue for copyright but he does find these things funny and interesting. All of this controversy gives him energy, so he enjoys that.’

Protesters who will fly the giant inflatable near Parliament said the stunt has a serious message behind it.

There is more to the 20-feet high balloon caricature – which depicts the leader as an angry infant wearing a nappy and clutching a mobile phone – than mockery, demonstrator Sheila Menon said.

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When the blimp flies in Parliament Square for two hours on Friday morning, organisers hope it can be a symbol for all those campaigning against the President’s controversial policies.

Ms Menon, who is part of a group who crowdfunded the balloon, said: ‘We know that behind the humour of this the Trump baby represents a whole multitude of campaigns and issues.

‘This isn’t just about mocking him.

Trump is visiting the UK this week (Rex)
The demonstrations taking place during Trump’s visit

‘This is actually about drawing attention to his fascist policies, policies that he’s putting into place like nobody’s business since he’s been in power.

‘Policies that are having very real impacts on real lives not just in the US but all over the world.’

She listed Mr Trump’s immigration policies, bans on some people entering the US, his foreign policies, and lack of support for taking action on climate change as having affects across the globe.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was not for him to censor the balloon (Rex)

She added: ‘So there’s a very serious message behind this but what we’re hoping is that on Friday this can be a symbol that people, no matter what they’re campaigning on, can get behind, and can feel that this is representing them and all their campaign issues.’

The blimp’s appearance in central London was approved by the Greater London Authority, and Mayor Sadiq Khan has defended the decision, saying it is not for him to be a censor or to decide what is in good or bad taste.