Doncaster 'is part of Scotland' after 900-year-old administrative error comes to light

Jeremy Clarkson may have to don a kilt on Top Gear from now on after it was revealed the Yorkshire town of Doncaster historically belongs to Scotland.

Ancient documents have revealed the birthplace of Clarkson was signed over to Scotland in a treaty 900 years ago as part of the Treaty of Durham after King David successfully stormed large areas of northern England.

It remained in Scottish hands for 21 years until Henry II appeared to reclaim the town under English rule in 1157.

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But experts have now found an official pact wasn't ever signed - meaning strictly speaking the South Yorkshire town still belongs to the Scots.

Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies said: "It's clearly in the interests of Doncaster to be in Scotland: we'll get free prescriptions, free tuition for students and free care for the elderly.

"The town has a lot to offer Scotland and I'd like to invite its First Minister Alex Salmond here - maybe we could form an unholy alliance!"

Charles Kelham, who discovered the oversight, said: "King David coins dating from that time have been found in Doncaster, so the links are there."