Doncaster thug held ex partner hostage in hotel for two days

Isaac Greaves -Credit:SYP

A Doncaster thug has been jailed after he held his ex-girlfriend hostage in a hotel for two days, threatening to 'smash her head off the wall' and strangled her.

Isaac Greaves, 24, of South Street, Highfields, was wanted by police as he ordered his victim, a woman in her 20s, to meet him at a hotel in West Yorkshire in November last year.

Terrified of what he would do if she said no, she drove to the hotel, and after going up to his room, he told her: "I will batter you in this hotel room right now", before adding that he would "smash her head off the wall".

A volatile Greaves told his ex to leave the hotel before ordering that she return, adding that he was going to smash her house up if she refused to comply. After returning to the hotel, he made a disturbing threat as he told her: "If you leave this hotel room, you'll not be leaving alive."

As she sat on the bed, Greaves grabbed hold of her neck with both hands and strangled her. All she could think of was that "she was not going to die like this" as she slapped Greaves and gouged at his eyes in a desperate bid to stop the attack. Greaves then punched her in the head and threw her into desk before his victim managed to escape to a car park. He then told her to get in the car with him, adding that he would kill her if she didn't.

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During a dangerous journey home in which he forced her to drive down the motorway while erratically pulling on the handbrake, Greaves tried to kick the windscreen through before ordering her to return to the hotel to collect his belongings. Out of fear, she did this, but when she returned from the hotel with his possessions, Greaves left with a friend. Days later, Greaves was arrested and brought into custody after his victim bravely disclosed to a doctor what had happened to her.

Greaves pleaded guilty to intentional strangulation, assault by beating and criminal damage to property in respect of the incident which took place between November 21 and November 24, 2023. He also admitted affray in relation to a fight at a separate hotel in Doncaster on November 4, 2023. Greaves appeared before Sheffield Crown Court last Thursday (April 11) for sentencing and was jailed for a total of three years and nine months.

PC Jessica Needham, who was the officer in charge of the case, said: "Greaves' disturbing, menacing and disgusting behaviour terrified his victim to the point where she had no choice but to do everything he asked of her.

"In her own words, his behaviour has 'destroyed' her and I want to commend her bravery for coming forward to disclose what had happened to her. Without her testimony, Greaves could still have been wandering our streets and we are relieved he is now behind bars and where he belongs.

"His victim said she never knew if she was going to be met with 'the nice Isaac or the evil Isaac' and Greaves showed his true colours and truly evil nature during that episode last year. I hope his conviction and sentence reassures victims of domestic abuse that we take this crime incredibly seriously. We are here to listen to you and take action to keep you safe and away from the harm of dangerous individuals like Greaves."