Don’t look now: Embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

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Jayne Torvill once had a super embarrassing costume malfunction while skating in a show (Getty Images)
Jayne Torvill once had a super embarrassing costume malfunction while skating in a show (Getty Images)

As one half of Olympic ice-skating duo Torvill and Dean, Jayne Torvill has lived her life on the ice – entertaining the nation with her precarious moves.

But it’s not a triple axle that gives Jayne the shivers to recall, but rather an awful costume failure that left her exposing herself to a large audience in the US.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, Torvill told podcast host Kate Thornton with about the time she and partner Christoper Dean skated with the infamous Ice Capades at Madison Square Gardens.

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“I think one [moment] that I would like to delete [from time] is when my dress came down!” she said. “We were guesting with Ice Capades when the halter neck came undone.”

The Dancing On Ice star continued: “Near the beginning of the routine, I did something where Chris' hand was on the neck and it hadn't been fastened that well and it suddenly started to fall down, and that was the only thing that was keeping it up. Then at one point it did come down and because the choreography was all going to pieces, it was all messed up.

“What made it worse was the halter neck and all around the top bit was all beaded, so it was heavy. It was awful trying to dance like that – trying to hold it up.”

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Jayne revealed she left the ice in tears, leaving her skating partner to give the wardrobe team a telling off.

“Chris was furious,” she recalled. “He went into the wardrobe lady and had a big go at them, telling them that they needed to sort the costume out. That was a moment where you just don't know where to hide.”

And Torvill isn’t the only celebrity to have had those nowhere to hide moments – here’s just a few other wardrobe malfunctions you may have forgotten about…

Judy Finnigan flashes her bra at the National Television Awards

Poor Judy! She definitely had a night to remember when she and husband Richard Madeley went up to collect the NTA award for This Morning in 2001. Just as she reached the stage, her top went wayward and her bra was out for all to see. Hilariously, at the time, Madeley thought the jeering crowd were asking him for an Ali G impression.

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Her blushes were eventually spared when John Leslie ran on stage and lifted up her top. Years later, Finnigan revealed that she chucked the bra away the very next day, telling The Sun: "I was mortified. I chucked it into the dustbin the very next day."

Justin Timberlake exposes Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake revealed Janet Jackson's nipple during the Super Bowl half-time show (Getty Images)
Justin Timberlake revealed Janet Jackson's nipple during the Super Bowl half-time show (Getty Images)

When Timberlake accidentally pulled at Jackson’s outfit during the infamous Super Bowl half-time show, not only did he expose her nipple, but he also brought forth a storm of controversy.

Nipplegate, which lasted all of half of second, led to a multimillion-dollar lawsuit by a Tennessee woman who claimed she and the 100 million viewers watching were made to “suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury.”

She later dropped the case but the damage was done – various TV networks put Jackson’s music on a blacklist. The award-winning singer had the last laugh though when she became the most searched for person in 2004 and 2005.

Darius Danesh flashing his bits at a live gig

Darius Danesh, wearing a kilt, but not flashing anyone... (Getty Images)
Darius Danesh, wearing a kilt, but not flashing anyone... (Getty Images)

As a proud Scotsman, singer Darius Danesh does not believe in wearing underwear beneath his kilt, but this decision to go commando came back to haunt him when performing a gig at Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium in 2003.

The X Factor finalist had bought a young fan on stage and was in the process of serenading her when he crouched down and revealed to everyone – including a nearby photographer – his crown jewels.

This embarrassing malfunction has still not put the crooner off wearing pants though – he later told The Scottish Sun: “I always go commando even when I’m NOT wearing a kilt.”

John Barrowman splits his trousers on Celebrity Juice

You can always expect a surprise or two from Celebrity Juice, but one that no-one was expecting was the moment John Barrowman, who was appearing as a panellist on the show, split his trousers.

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It happened when, as the Dancing On Ice star laid down on a vibrating platform for the Wibbly Wobbly Word game, his trousers ripped in half. Thankfully, Barrowman was wearing pants, otherwise it could’ve been a whole different ball game…

Madonna gets pulled off the stage by a badly behaving cape

At the 2015 Brits, Madonna was performing Living For Love in true Madge spectacular style. She was surrounded by scantily clad male dancers dressed as bulls, while she was dressed as a matador, complete with over-the-top cape.

The cape, which was designed by Giorgio Armani, was literally her downfall. At the start of the performance, it was meant to be whipped off by her dancers, but the tie didn’t undo and instead, Madonna and cape were whipped to the floor. She did manage to release herself and carry on the performance, but the video soon went viral.

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Later, while speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show, she said she suffered whiplash from the incident. The Material Girl singer said: “I didn’t hurt my butt, but I hurt my head. I had a little bit of whiplash, I smacked the back of my head. I had a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3am to make sure I was compos mentis .”

Beyoncé splits her leotard live on stage

Beyoncé, seen here on her Formation Tour, handled her wardrobe malfunction like a pro (Getty Images)
Beyoncé, seen here on her Formation Tour, handled her wardrobe malfunction like a pro (Getty Images)

Queen Bey is known for her love of a skimpy costume, especially a leotard, which she wore in various forms during her Formation Tour in 2016. During her second New York date however, the singer had to contend with a wardrobe malfunction while crooning her big hit Halo.

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After a spot of energetic dancing, her sparkly leotard split near the crotch, but ever the professional, she clutched that leotard tightly and carried on performing, without missing a beat. And that is how you handle a wardrobe malfunction.

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