Door into Beatle’s childhood home goes on display

Beatles fans will be offered a glimpse into George Harrison’s childhood through the back door of his former home, which has gone on display in a museum.

The door, previously on the guitarist’s family home in Upton Green, Speke, Liverpool, is the latest item from the Fab Four’s past to go on show at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

Harrison moved to the home from the age of six, in 1950, and the family stayed there until 1962.

The door at the museum
Owner Roag Best, brother of one time Beatles drummer Pete Best, with the back door from the former home in Upton Green in Speke, Liverpool (Chris Neill/Beatles Museum)

Museum owner Roag Best – the brother of early Beatles drummer Pete Best – said: “Upton Green had the Quarry Men and also John, Paul and George rehearsing together at the house. George was still living there at the beginning of Beatlemania.”

The terraced home is now an Airbnb owned by Ken Lambert, who got in touch with the museum.

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“When he bought the house the previous owners asked him if he was interested in the original back door,” Mr Best said.

“It was just propped up in an outbuilding, a little bit worse for wear.

“He and a friend spent a considerable amount of time renovating the door and once it was renovated he wasn’t going to put it back on the house because it’s 73 years old, if not older.

“He asked if we’d like to put it on display.”

The door
The door was given to the museum by Ken Lambert, who now owns the property and rents it out as an Airbnb (Chris Neill/The Beatles Museum)

Visitors to the museum will now be able to open the door to see photos of Harrison as he was growing up on display behind it.

Mr Best said the exhibit looked like “a normal back door” but was likely to have been stepped through by John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney as well as Harrison.

He added: “I think fans are going to get a kick out of the fact they can open the door and see a collage of photos behind which will take them back in time to when George lived in the house.”