Dozens of migrants head to UK in 'small boat' hours after Parliament back Rishi Sunak's Rwanda Bill

Dozens of migrants were heading to the UK in a “small boat” to cross the Channel just hours after Parliament backed Rishi Sunak’s controversial Rwanda Bill.The pictures of the asylum seekers and economic migrants clambering into an overcrowded flimsy vessel immediately raised questions over whether the Government’s Rwanda Plan will achieve its aim.Illegal migration minister Michael Tomlinson claimed on BBC Breakfast that the Bill would have a “deterrent effect” over live pictures of a crowded dinghy leaving French shores to cross the Channel, said to be carrying migrants from Afghanistan, Eritrea and South Sudan.The video of the migrants boarding the boat, some without life jackets, came shortly after MR Sunak declared on Tuesday that “nothing will stand in our way” in getting deportation flights off the ground after Parliament passed his controversial Rwanda Bill.