Dr Michael Mosley died after taking 'wrong turn' and had just five items on him

Dr Michael Mosley took a fatal wrong turn and collapsed while trekking, it has emerged. The ITV, Channel 4 and BBC star, who was found on Sunday in the Greek island of Symi while on holiday with his medical professional wife Claire, has been found after a five-day search for the missing TV presenter.

The last-known sighting of Dr Mosley alive was caught on CCTV carrying an umbrella as he left the village of Pedi at 2pm on Wednesday. He is believed to have been heading back to their holiday accommodation in Symi town when he took a wrong turn while leaving the village.

Dr Mosley then is understood to have headed northeast. The TV star and documentary maker did not have his phone with him and all he had with him was an umbrella, his watch, his rucksack, a bottle of water, and his wallet.

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Dr Phil Hammond, who said he was given his TV break by Mosley when he was made a presenter of the first five series of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, said he had left an “enormous legacy” of explaining science to vast numbers of people.

“As well as his enthusiasm … he had an encyclopaedic brain, he was just across every single story,” Hammond told Sky News. “He made sure that all the researchers and assistant producers on the show had science backgrounds.”

“If Mike’s legacy is that some of the advice that he gave about exercise and diet and keeping in shape can be more widely dispersed, that would be I think a fitting legacy,” Hammond said. And the BBC’s chief content officer, Charlotte Moore, said Mosley was “a brilliant science broadcaster and programme maker” who “was also passionate about engaging and entertaining audiences, inspiring us all to live a healthier, fuller life”.