Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu Had The Best Reaction After Jeremy Vine Host Mispronounced Her Name

Dawn and Dr Shola in the Jeremy Vine studio
Dawn and Dr Shola in the Jeremy Vine studio

Dawn and Dr Shola in the Jeremy Vine studio

Lawyer and social commentator Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu has been met with praise for once again refusing to allow a TV presenter to mispronounce her name.

Dr Shola was a guest on Wednesday’s edition of Channel 5′s Jeremy Vine Extra, which was guest presented by the journalist Dawn Neesom.

Making her introductions at the beginning of the show, Dawn said she was “absolutely thrilled” to have Dr Shola in the studio, before pausing and asking how to pronounce her surname.

“Read it, my darling, read it,” Dr Shola responded.

When Dawn failed to say it correctly, her guest told her: “This is terrible. Especially from a presenter. Go back and start again. Phonetically.”

Dawn then tried a second time, but again said her guest’s name incorrectly, prompting a smiling Dr Shola to tell her to “do it again”.

“Oh, come on! I got the Shola right!” Dawn protested (as if that made it OK?), but Dr Shola was undeterred.

After yet another failed attempt, the host tried to move on, but Dr Shola told her: “No, you will say my name. Now, read it phonetically.”

When the scene was later posted online, Dr Shola received a wave of praise for the way she handled the scene, and for not allowing the matter to be dropped until Dawn pronounced her name correctly…

Dawn later quote-tweeted the viral clip, insisting she’d had the “most fun with the best panel this morning”, and putting her error down to an apparent lack of sleep.

Last year, Dr Shola was similarly applauded during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, which saw Kate Garraway asking her guest to say her own name for her when she struggled to pronounce it correctly the first time around.