‘Drag Race’ star Jade Jolie announces she’s joining OnlyFans

Jade Jolie
Jade Jolie

Whether you fell in love with her on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula season 4, or in a Taylor Swift video, chances are you’re going to be excited about today’s Jade Jolie news.

The drag performer has announced that she’s about to embark on a steamy new era, on OnlyFans of course.

Jolie made the announcement herself on Twitter writing, “World Class Sinner OnlyFans Era coming soon,” she wrote. “Follow your desires & fulfill your Trantasy.” She also put a call out for would-be collaborators. And she has some themes in mind: "Heroes/Villains, Dominatrix Disney, Horror movies, [and] Video Game Vixens." No doubt she will have plenty of takers. Especially after watching the video that accompanied the announcement.

As she explains in the post, the video is inspired by The Idol and sees the performer in full pop icon realness. She is soon joined by two hunks who dance and grind with her.

Well, we will give her this, a girl knows how to market. “Get her Jade,” is about to have a whole new meaning.

Watch the video for yourself below.