'Drag Race's Jaremi cosplays as drag version of Patrick Star and we're gagging

Former Drag Race star Jaremi just posted a drag version of Patrick Star on social media
Former Drag Race star Jaremi just posted a drag version of Patrick Star on social media

Drag Race star Jaremi Carey, formerly known as Phi Phi O'Hara, may have officially left his drag persona behind years ago, but he still knows how to serve underwater realness.

Yesterday, Jaremi posted a TikTok video dressed as a stunning drag version of Patrick Star—SpongeBob SquarePants' anthropomorphic starfish best friend—which is now also picking up steam on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

The short video features Jaremi posing as a cunty version of SpongeBob's sidekick with a bubblegum pink cone head, rhinestone-encrusted eyeshadow, and cartoonishly big blue metallic lips.

After starring on Drag Race season 4 and All Stars 2, Jaremi said he had tucked for the last time and was retiring his beloved drag persona. Lucky for fans, the former queen still knows how to beat his face for the gods—and he loves cosplay!

Back in 2019, Jaremi stunned fans with his Harry Potter looks, including perfect recreations of Moaning Myrtle and Dolores Umbridge. Last year, Jaremi created a series of anime looks, like Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen and a surprisingly hot version of Miraidon from Pokémon. And earlier this month, for Star Wars Day (May the 4th), he stunned with a blinged-out take on Darth Maul after a fan asked him to "Do Star Wars…but make it slay!"

On X, where his Patrick Star drag look has already garnered more than 80,000 views, fans poured into the comment section to congratulate Jaremi on his look. One person commented, "I saw this on tiktok earlier and was GAGGEDDDD!!! i still am gagged !!!"

Someone else quipped, "that's PatrickStar's beautiful sister Patricia Star" and another person wrote, "Omg! YOU ATE."

Since leaving the drag world behind — for the most part — Jaremi has made a name for himself as a LGBTQ+ Twitch streamer, playing games like Dead by Daylight, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Overwatch, and the Sims, and goes by the handle JustJaremi.

He may have once tweeted that "There is no more Phi Phi," but Jaremi loves to create an iconic look, so we're hoping to see more fabulous drag take on cosplay in the future!

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