Dragon's Den star Peter Jones wants to be Prime Minister

In a world where former Apprentice hosts can end up being the president of United States, it seems that everyone wants to get in on the act.

Enter fearsome Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones. The towering 50-year-old businessman reckons people keep going on at him to become the next Prime Minister, and hey, he’s only too happy to oblige.

Peter Jones
Peter Jones/ITV

When Holly Willoughby probed Peter’s political ambitions on This Morning earlier, he admitted: “I have never considered it until this week – I went to a dinner and Charles Saatchi said ‘you need to be the next Prime Minister, because it can happen’.

“I have to say probably yes – I can’t believe I’m saying it. Even Tara my other half has been saying you should do it.”

However, if the tycoon does decide to pit himself against Theresa May, it sounds like the spin doctors will have the work cut out, as he was the first to admit that he’s probably a bit too straight talking for the role.

“Just the word politician – I’m sitting on a sofa, looking down the lens and I’d want to say what should be done whether it’s good or bad,” he explained.

Peter Jones
Peter Jones/ITV

“I wouldn’t want to be ‘political’ and spin a story – I’m a bit too straight for that. I advised the civil service for three years – I quite like the fact that I can walk out of Number 10.

“I think I’d find government very frustrating – I like to get things done and I don’t think a lot does get done.”

Oh, and Philip Schofield reckons the Dragon’s 6’7” height would be an advantage, too. “What we need is someone that is going to tower above the rest of the world in meetings…. Can you imagine when the other leaders walk in?” he cooed. “How are you Mr Schofield? Welcome to number ten. Let me show you around,” replied Peter gamely.

Alright, steady on. You need to find a party that’ll have you first, mate.

Peter Jones
Peter Jones/Rex Photos

Still, it seems like he’s got a few votes notched up already if the viewers’ reaction is anything to go by.

“Music to my ears! Peter Jones for Prime Minister, yes, yes, yes!” said one, while another added: “Wow! Peter Jones for Prime Minister.Go for it let’s get some straight talking at last”.

You know where the door is, Theresa.