Drake Drops New Diss Against Kendrick Lamar. Here Are All The Wild Accusations They've Hurled.

Drake dropped his latest diss track against Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar late Sunday night, adding more fire to their ongoing feud.

In the track “The Heart Part 6,” Drake denies Lamar’s previous accusation that the Toronto rapper had sex with teenage girls and is part of a sex trafficking ring through his OVO Sound record label.

But that’s not the only alarming allegation stemming from their ongoing feud. The two rappers have accused each other of a wide and wild range of insults and behavior, spanning from fake abs and shoe size to violence against women.

The Lamar vs. Drake beef reached a boiling point this spring when Lamar, whom fans already suspected had ongoing tension with Drake, tried to distance himself from Drake and J. Cole, claiming in the song “Like That” that there was no “Big Three — it’s just big me.”

Cole then dropped a now-deleted diss track called “7 Minute Drill” on April 5, going after Lamar in response. Not long after, Coleapologized and then deleted the track.

Since then, Lamar and Drake have hurled numerous tracks at each other, making damning accusations, several of which focused on their alleged mistreatment of women and children. The battle has caught the attention of the rap world, providing listeners with beaucoup gossip and music, some of which came from artists like Rick Ross and Kanye West.

Of course, neither rapper’s claims have been verified. And since verification isn’t necessarily a requirement in rap beef, these diss track accusations are just that: accusations.

Here’s a list of the stand-out disses and accusations Lamar and Drake have put in their tracks:

“Like That” by Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Metro Boomin (March 22)

  • Lamar accused Drake and J. Cole of “clicking up.”

  • Lamar rejected the concept of being part of hip-hop’s “Big Three” with the “First Person Shooter” duo.

“Push Ups” by Drake (Official release: April 19. Leak: April 13)

  • Drake said Lamar is short and wears a size 7 shoe.

  • Claimed Lamar does not have full creative control over his music and was required to give half of his music earnings to Top Dawg Entertainment, his former label.

  • Said Lamar’s “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” did not perform well.

  • Said the beef between him and Lamar has been cooking since before “Like That.”

  • Claimed one of The Weeknd’s managers is a blunt runner and that the other two are not from Toronto, Canada.

  • Said he out-earns Lamar financially and stream-wise.

  • Said he has more intel on Kendrick to share.

“Taylor Made Freestyle” by Drake (now deleted from Instagram) (April 19)

  • Drake said Lamar is taking too long to respond to “Push Ups.”

  • Claimed Lamar was waiting for Taylor Swift to drop her music before he dropped his.

“Euphoria” by Kendrick Lamar (April 30)

  • Lamar claimed Drake is a “scam artist” and a liar.

  • Said Drake is coming up with lies.

  • Said Drake never owned clothing from the Black-owned apparel brand FUBU, which stands for “For Us, By Us.”

  • Claimed Drake’s abs are a byproduct of surgery, not fitness.

  • Said Drake wanted Lamar to appear on a feature.

  • Said he hates when Drake uses the N-word.

  • Claimed Drake sees “two bad bitches” when he’s standing next to Sexyy Red, who collaborated with Drake and SZA on “Rich Baby Daddy.”

  • Claimed Drake doesn’t like women and just seeks to compete with them.

  • Said Drake was signed to three people.

  • Claimed Drake tried to use a cease-and-desist against the song “Like That.”

  • Claimed Drake doesn’t know anything about raising his son, Adonis.

  • Accused Drake of having 20 people writing lyrics for him.

  • Said people don’t want to hear Drake use the N-word anymore.

“6:16 In LA” by Kendrick Lamar (May 3)

  • Lamar accused someone on Drake’s team of lying.

  • Alleged DJ Akademiks, who discusses hip-hop matters online, is “compromised.”

  • Said several members of Drake’s team are hoping for Drake’s downfall.

  • Accused Drake of being a “terrible person.”

  • Accused Drake of losing money in an effort to try to dig up dirt on Lamar.

“Family Matters” by Drake (May 3)

  • Drake claimed Lamar is pretending to be an activist.

  • Claimed Lamar never holds his son because the biological father of Lamar’s son is Dave Free, a creative partner to Lamar.

  • Claimed cease-and-desist letters are for “hoes” and that Lamar convinced Tupac Shakur’s estate to file one against Drake for “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

  • Dismissed the “Big Three” idea.

  • Said there is video proof of his “Big D,” referring to a nude video leak of Drake that went viral earlier this year.

  • Claimed Lamar abuses his fiancée and doesn’t want to marry her.

“Meet The Grahams” by Kendrick Lamar (May 3)

  • Lamar claimed Drake has a gambling addiction.

  • Claimed Drake’s father raised “a horrible fucking person.”

  • Claimed Drake “is a sick man with sick thoughts” and likens him to Harvey Weinstein.

  • Claimed Drake hates and hypersexualizes Black women.

  • Claimed Drake has sex offenders on the payroll at OVO Sound.

  • Predicted Drake’s house, known as “The Embassy,” will be raided soon.

  • Said Drake has a daughter that he is hiding.

  • Called him a narcissist and misogynist.

  • Claimed Drake pays for sex.

  • Called Drake a deadbeat father.

  • Said he has problems with drinking, drug use, spending and “soliciting women.”

  • Accused Drake of lying about a laundry list of things — including his religious views, surgery, having ghostwriters and his kids.

  • Said Drake’s “identity’s on the fence.”

  • Called him a “body shamer.”

“Not Like Us” by Kendrick Lamar (May 4)

  • Lamar claimed Drake likes young girls.

  • Called him a “certified pedophile.”

  • Claimed Drake got a tattoo of Lil Wayne as an apology after hooking up with Wayne’s girlfriend.

  • Said Drake goes to Atlanta when he needs a feature from Atlanta artists, like Future, 21 Savage and Young Thug.

  • Accused Drake of being a colonizer.

“The Heart Part 6” by Drake (May 5)

  • Drake accused Lamar of being fed false information, including that Drake has a daughter.

  • Accused Lamar of not having seen his kids in six months.

  • Accused Lamar of having been molested.

  • Denied having sex with teenage girls and running a sex trafficking ring.