Drake's Island to host 'first ever musical event' later this summer

Drake's Island
-Credit: (Image: Matt Cappell)

Drake's Island is hosting what is reported to be its 'first ever' musical event. Dynamic events company Sonar has scheduled the ground-breaking evening on August 24/25.

The company states that the event marks the first time Drake's Island will host a musical performance. A spokesperson for the company said: "Drake's Island presents unique logistical challenges with no electricity, water, or transport facilities. Yet, these obstacles have only fuelled Sonar's ambition.

"The event will rely on generators for power, and the island’s owners, Mayina and Morgan Phillips, have graciously agreed to construct additional toilet facilities for the event. All equipment and supplies will be transported by ferry and then carried 350 meters on foot to the event site."

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Andy Bacon, founder of Sonar, said: "I was approached by Mayina and Morgan Phillips a few months ago about hosting an event on Drake's Island. After a site visit and brainstorming session with my team, we devised a concept that promises to be an incredible experience for all attendees.”

Founded just two years ago, Sonar has gained a loyal following by hosting events at renowned venues such as The Terrace and The Treasury. With past performances featuring illustrious artists like Michael Gray, Clockwork Orange, and Fat Tony, Sonar is now setting its sights on Drakes Island.

Sonar quickly earned a reputation for creating unique and intimate connections with its audience. This upcoming event on Drake's Island symbolises the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries.

“We're excited to bring Fat Tony back to The Treasury next week, following his phenomenal performance last year,” added Andy. “His enthusiasm and the audience’s response reaffirm our mission to deliver extraordinary events.”

Tickets for the event will be available to the general public on Friday, June 28 from 5pm. Attendees will have the option to pay via PayPal in three instalments. Tickets will be available at an Eventbrite Price of £99, and it includes a return ferry, and five drinks tokens for the seven-hour event. There will be a fully functional bar.

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets, visit www.facebook.com/sonar.events.sw or contact Andy at andy@sonar.events.