Dreamboys tell Plymouth to have 'oversized expectations' ahead of this week's show

Brace yourself for a night of pure seduction with a blend of dance and chart-topping music as the Dreamboys head to Plymouth Pavilions for one night only! Don't miss these seasonal dancers take centre stage on Friday, April 26.

The Dreamboys are calling for individuals of all genders, sexualities, ages, and backgrounds to attend this extraordinary night that promises a safe welcoming space for everyone. The performance advocates sexual liberation for all people with a finale that quite literally bares it all.

To be a male entertainer, you usually will don a sculpted physique but is it truly the shape or size that matters? Creative Director, Jordan Darrell explained: " Well, the requirements, I guess in hiring someone is talent, being a gentleman, having a great personality, having to be able to hold a conversation.

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"Yeah, like also exuding just confidence without an ego. And it's a very fine line to portray a performance without looking like we just love ourselves so we don't take ourselves too seriously. And we'd rather be on board with our audience having fun, taking the mick out of each other and ourselves. So we just create a great night and then ultimately you get to see some naked guys."

As much as the Dreamboys advocates for acceptance and inclusivity you must have a certain je ne sais quoi about you to make the cut. Jordan continued: "It's a perception when you think or hear dream boys that they have to be a certain way, and that's correct.

"You have to have a certain physique to do our show because it's so physical for two hours, pretty much every day and rehearsal. We practise every single day for a month and a half, we've got to have a natural kind of physique for it. But that's like saying what everyone's type, like we do differ in our height, in the colour of our skin, in our bodies and our mannerisms, because there's someone for everyone."

Don't worry ladies and gents we asked the burning question...do they perform naked the entire show? Soloist and finale dancer Ryan replied: "Not the whole time, Like a Western-style dance show. So we have a lot of dancing there as well but of course, sometimes we do take and of course, all of it off. I personally, get my appendage out sometimes."

Sometimes the most unexpected events can occur during the Dreamboys show. When reminiscing about performing in the South West, Jordan revealed that he met his now wife and mother to his children during a show in Plymouth. The star now lives in the region as he hails it having the best audience to which he found his soulmate of over 10 years.

The Dreamboys is not your average strip show, the cast values its audience like a family. The boys show their completely authentic selves in hopes of creating a sense of comfortability and trust amongst the crowd. When asked what separates this show from Magic Mike or other x-rated male entertainment, Jordan encouraged that their show is an all-around entertaining interactive performance that's not just about stripping.

"The stripping is kind of the cherry on the cake," He remarked. "But the rest of the cake is what sets us apart is that if you take any one element out of our show, you will still enjoy it. And it's about really closing them doors and our audience members being in a safe environment where they can really let their hair down and just get up dance, sing and let it literally just forget the world for a couple of hours."

"It's literally life-changing for some people, and we get some notes and we get some feedback, and it literally changes people's lives the way our boys interact the way they speak to them, we have meet and greets after it. [...] If someone's comfortable with you and they make you feel comfortable, they'll ask all questions to our boys, who they will see perform that our boys will answer because they feel comfortable in themselves.

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Male dancer does a handstand from the Dreamboys

"I think that's what sets us apart is that we are a family, and our arms are big, and we welcome everybody." The Dreamboys have been thrilling audiences with their electrifying performances for an impressive 35 years and boast a remarkable ensemble of 80 talented performers.

If you want to be noticed by the Dreamboys to be taken up on stage they encourage natural vibrant energy. They do not discriminate who they bring up for a dance or a particular activity, they just encourage the crowd to feel safe and comfortable and will always respect when someone says no. Likewise, they call upon the crowd to make the cast feel protected also and to not cross any inappropriate boundaries.

Don't miss watching the Dreamboys at Pavilions, Plymouth on Friday, April 26. You can book tickets here.