Drew Barrymore and Dermot Mulroney Have Tear-Filled ‘Bad Girls’ Reunion

Drew Barrymore and Dermot Mulroney had a tear-filled reunion when the actor surprised the talk show host on Thursday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

The Anyone But You star was one of three people who made an appearance and caught Barrymore off-guard, as the episode was only intended to be a sit-down with Andie MacDowell. The two co-starred in Bad Girls.

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In honor of the 1994 film celebrating 30 years, MacDowell surprised Barrymore with Mulroney, their fellow co-star Mary Stuart Masterson and executive producer Lynda Obst, who made an appearance via video.

“I am freaking out right now,” Barrymore said, sitting alongside Mulroney, as they both got visibly emotional. “You were so good to me. I really was like a lost 17 year old. I know I was having so much fun, but I didn’t know how to take care of myself, and you took such good care of me. You were so kind to me and protected me.”

The My Best Friend’s Wedding star, who portrayed Josh McCoy in Bad Girls, reciprocated Barrymore’s emotion, saying he was so happy to see her and asked to split a tissue, as he was also tearing up.

“Sorry guys, I cry now,” Mulroney told the talk show’s live audience as he cried and laughed. “I knew I was going to, and I came anyway, and I decided I’m going to go ahead and cry in public.”

In her video, Obst reflected on making Bad Girls and how several of the cast and crew actually got arrested while making the film, including Barrymore — though for what, she didn’t say. The EP also shared that she still has a magnet that the Never Been Kissed alum gave her while they were shooting.

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