Drew Barrymore opens up about keeping her children off social media

Drew Barrymore opens up about keeping her children off social media

Drew Barrymore has opened up about protecting her children from social media in a new interview.

Speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, the actor said she would not be posting images of her daughters on her Instagram page or letting them appear on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

“I want them to be kids. And I don’t put my kids on social media, I’m like a f******* Doberman about them,” Barrymore admitted on the podcast.

She also revealed that while her children “watch TikTok” and “love social media,” they won’t be appearing on the sites anytime soon.

Barrymore added: “They get in a bad mood when they realise they won’t be put on camera, but they know good god**** well why, because I’m like, ‘I want you to be kids!’”

Drew Barrymore (Getty Images)
Drew Barrymore (Getty Images)

Back in May, Barrymore opened up about her experience as a mother, with the actor revealing she was “terrified” and “felt alone” when she first became a parent.

Barrymore, who shares daughters Olive, eight, and Frankie, seven, with her ex Will Kopelman, spoke candidly about the realities of motherhood during an episode of “Dear Drew” on Entertainment Tonight.

For the Mother’s Day-themed episode this week, fans asked Barrymore questions related to the role, with the first question asking the 46-year-old what one thing she never expected when she became a mother.

In response, Barrymore revealed that she thought motherhood would be “a little more romantic and cosy,” but that instead she was “just terrified”.

“I didn’t expect to feel like I was in such a fight or flight mode for a very long period of time. I thought it would be a little more romantic and cozy, and instead I was just terrified,” she recalled.

“I was so under slept, I couldn’t eat, I was nervous all the time, and no one really talked about how intimidating and overwhelming it can be ... so I wasn’t really prepared for that.”

Barrymore also said that she felt she was alone in feeling that way, continuing: “I felt alone on that, so if there’s other [mother’s] out there that felt like that in the beginning, you are not alone, I felt like that too.

“For any [mother] who felt casual and capable, you are a superhero! I wish I could have been like you.”

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