Drew Barrymore says she'd try new private 'smooch cabins' on German trains: 'Of course I would do this'

Drew Barrymore says she'd try new private 'smooch cabins' on German trains: 'Of course I would do this'

"If you're going that fast and you're being jostled around, I think this could be great."

Drew Barrymore is ready to park her caboose in one of the new so-called “smooch cabins” coming soon to German trains. 

As part of her Drew's News segment on Wednesday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress and her co-anchor, Ross Mathews, reacted to a recent Thrillist article about the “privacy-forward cabins” that German state railway operator Deutsche Bahn announced it will add to its Intercity Express high-speed train cars — and if they’d ever try one themselves.

"[The company] announced its privacy-forward cabins on their high-speed trains are built to only accommodate two people at a time," Mathews read. "The seats and arm rests will have a button that allows passengers to turn the cabin’s clear glass walls frosted, making it easier to have a little smooch sesh while you’re…" He paused. "…Working on the train?”

He then joked, “All I can think is, ‘She’ll be coming around the mountain.’”

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<p>The Drew Barrymore Show</p> Drew Barrymore on 'The Drew Barrymore Show'

The Drew Barrymore Show

Drew Barrymore on 'The Drew Barrymore Show'

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As Mathews put his head down to hide his laughter, a giggling Barrymore expressed her love of the phrase "privacy-forward cabins." In response, Mathews teased, "It's such a beautiful way to say 'a place to do it.'"

Barrymore also noted that being on a train could make the overall experience more fun, adding, “If you’re going that fast and you’re being jostled around, I think this could be great.”

According to Thrillist, Deutsche Bahn's actual reasoning for implementing the cabins is to create "a personal space with significantly more privacy" so that travelers can take phone calls or have private conversations with one another without their peers listening. The outlet reported that the nickname "smooch cabin" was actually coined by the German newspaper Bild.

Turning to the audience, Barrymore then asked if anyone remembered “the era where you would put a quarter in the bed and it would vibrate” when staying at local motels, and revealed that she'd tried one for fun as a child.

“It was playful for me. I wasn’t thinking of it in those terms because it was in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s,” Barrymore explained. “I got the point of what they were trying to do, but I was like 6, 7 and just thinking, ‘This is so fun and silly.’”

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Mathews then asked Barrymore, who previously admitted to being a “proud member of the Mile High Club” on the show, if she’d ever “become a member of the Railroaded Club” by trying out one of the cabins.

“Yeah, of course I would do this!” she replied. “While you’re alive, why not try everything? Especially if it’s not hurting anyone!”

Barrymore then clarified her initial response, adding, “When I say please try everything, I mean please try everything that doesn’t hurt someone else. As long as it’s not hurting someone else, do everything you can in life and enjoy it. Sure!”

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