Driver arrested after posting video of 170mph jaunt on Facebook

By Tom Wiltshire

Police officers in Derbyshire have arrested a man on suspicion of dangerous driving after a video showing him driving at 170mph on the A38 near Egginton was posted on Facebook.

The force posted a snapshot from the video, which showed the speedometer of the offending Audi S3 registering a staggering 170mph, on their social media channels.

The standard top speed of an Audi S3 is 155mph, electronically limited by the factory – but removing the limiter and tuning the engine can increase this.

In a post on Facebook, Derbyshire Constabulary’s roads policing team confirmed its intelligence unit had viewed and downloaded the video for investigation. It has also seized a mobile phone for analysis.

The force issued a damning statement on its Facebook page warning other drivers against similar behaviour.

It said: “We’ve all got one of those ‘friends’ who likes to post to show off and just loves attention. Unfortunately for the driver of an Audi S3 from Matlock, the temptation to show off got a little too much.

“He posted a video of the S3 screaming it’s [sic] guts out whilst the speedo was showing 170mph, identified as on the A38 near Egginton in the south of the county.”

The speed limit on the A38 dual carriageway is 70mph.

The Audi S3 driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and released under investigation as the force continues inquiries.

The police statement added: “Driving like this isn’t funny and it isn’t clever. We cannot fathom why people jump in cars and think they can do whatever they like.

“If you think you can, we’re coming for you next. Don’t become a statistic and don’t make someone else one.”