‘Unbelievable’ driver caught with rolled-up carpet draped across roof

A driver was pulled over for carrying a rolled-up carpet on their roof and bonnet. (swns)
A driver was pulled over for carrying a rolled-up carpet on their roof and bonnet. (swns)

A driver has been pulled over for carrying a rolled-up carpet on their roof and bonnet.

The motorist was stopped in Plympton, Devon, with the carpet draped over the length of the vehicle, including the front and rear windows.

Devon and Cornwall Police shared an image online after intercepting the driver on the A38 at the Deep Lane junction on Monday.

The huge carpet was attached to the roof of by bungee cords, with police calling it "unbelievable" and issuing the motorist a ticket.

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Female Traffic Police Officer Recording Details Of Road Traffic Accident On Mobile Phone
Devon and Cornwall Police (not pictured) called the driver "unbelievable". (Getty)

The photo, shared to the Devon and Cornwall Road Policing Team Twitter account @dc_rpt, showed two cords attaching the middle of the roll to the car, leaving the ends of the carpet draped over the windows.

The tweet read: “Fortunately this vehicle was stopped before joining the A38 at Deep Lane in Plympton.

"The obstructed view as well as the bungee cords clearly wasn't a substantial method of securing the carpet.”

“Driver issued a ticket #Unbelievable.”

It’s not the first time a driver has been spotted with something “unbelievable” on their roof.

In February, a van driver left a car park in Exeter with something unexpected on top after accidentally ripping the roof off the entrance.

The motorist was heard “screaming, effing and blinding” when he realised he had taken the entrance pillars off.

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A local, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they were inside an address in Steeple Drive, Alphington, when all of a sudden they heard a loud noise.

They added: Usually that roof is sat up on pillars, and as he has gone to drive through he has made a bad judgment error - and at some speed I can image - and taken it off.

"I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner because when I went outside to see what had happened, I saw that one of the pillars which was in the ground was soaking wet and looked rotten."

The resident said that around 15-minutes after the event, fire crews were on the scene and were left baffled.

They added they were told by the driver the van was a rental and they may have to hire a crane to remove the roof.