Driver Faces Thick Smoke Near Texas Panhandle Fires

Three wildfires burning in the Texas panhandle filled the sky with thick smoke on Tuesday, February 27, video shows.

Jeff Bartlett said he shot this footage as he traveled east on US Route 33 toward Oklahoma.

As of Wednesday morning, the Smokehouse Creek Fire was an estimated 500,000 acres (781 square miles) in size with zero containment, according to officials.

The Grape Vine Creek fire in Gray County was 30,000 acres (46.9 square miles) and 60-percent contained, and the Windy Deuce fire in Hutchinson County was estimated to cover 40,000 acres (62.5 square miles) with 20-percent containment as of Wednesday morning.

Gov Gregg Abbott issued disaster declarations for 60 counties as the fires spread. Credit: Jeff Bartlett via Storyful

Video transcript