Driver Gets Stuck Behind Lynx at Ontario Drive-Thru

A woman in Ontario was “super glad” to see a lynx up close — from the safety of her car — as she visited an A&W drive-thru in Cochrane recently.

Footage by Emily Lamarche shows what she described as a “big kitty” slowly trudging its way through the snow as she follows along behind it.

“The lynx wasn’t scared at all! It sat there and looked at me for a few seconds,” Lamarche told Storyful. “I couldn’t believe the size of its paws.”

She said that the cats are commonly seen in the bush or out on the highway “but not usually in town, especially in a drive thru.”

“He slowly made his way back toward the bush line. I wanted to make sure it didn’t go toward the highway or near people in front of the store,” Lamarche added. “I’m super glad I got to witness it and get a video of how beautiful they really are!” Credit: Emily Lamarche via Storyful

Video transcript