Driver Impaired on Heroin Crashes Into Louisiana State Trooper Vehicle

A Dodge truck driven by a driver under the influence of heroin crashed into a Louisiana State Trooper’s vehicle on Saturday, January 21.

This police dashcam footage, taken by a vehicle that was in pursuit, shows the Dodge’s erratic movements and the moment of the crash.

According to a Facebook post by the Louisiana State Police, the incident occurred on Interstate 12 west of Hammond, Louisiana. Police responded to emergency calls describing an erratic driver and positioned themselves to stop the truck, until it suddenly veered off the right shoulder of the road and crashed into a trooper’s vehicle.

The driver of the Dodge was Bradley Burch, who was “impaired on heroin” and arrested after the crash, according to the Facebook post. Burch and the trooper suffered minor injuries. Credit: Louisiana State Police via Storyful