Driver who left son in wheelchair and killed man in head-on car crash is jailed

 (Cambridgeshire Police)
(Cambridgeshire Police)

A father who left his four-year-old son in a wheelchair and killed another man after a dangerous head-on crash has been jailed.

Asim Bashir, 48, was driving a grey BMW M8 along the westbound A47 near Wittering, Cambridgeshire, on 8 October 2021 when the smash happened at around 8.10pm.

Bashir overtook an Audi and forced his way in between a Range Rover and a lorry in another overtake attempt, before colliding head-on with a red Ford Fiesta being driven in the opposite direction.

The force of the collision was so strong the Fiesta was sent into the air, before falling down an embankment and exploding into flames.

Christopher Hunt, 33, of Uppingham in Rutland, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bashir’s BMW span back and hit the front of the Range Rover. Pictures from the scene show the front of the BMW completely destroyed but its interior relatively intact.

Travelling in the car with Bashir was his 12-year-old son, who was sat in the front seat. Two other sons, one aged 10 and the other six months old and in a car seat, were sat in the back and his four-year-old son was sat on the knee of Bashir’s 41-year-old wife.

Christopher Hunt, 33, died as a result of the crash (Cambridgeshire Police)
Christopher Hunt, 33, died as a result of the crash (Cambridgeshire Police)

Passersby stopped to help the family, who managed to leave the vehicle, but Bashir needed to be cut free from the wreckage by firefighters.

Bashir, his wife, and his 10-year-old and four-year-old sons, were taken to hospital suffering from serious injuries. The four-year-old now needs to use a wheelchair as a consequence of his injuries.

Bashir had been travelling from the family home in South Woodford, east London, to Bradford.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges but the jury unanimously found him guilty after a seven-day trial at Cambridge Crown Court in January.

Bashir, of High View Road, was jailed for 12 years on Monday for three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, and one count of causing death by dangerous driving. He was also disqualified from driving for 14 years.

After Bashir was sentenced, the family of Mr Hunt said: “The last two years have been very stressful and traumatic for us, but we have finally got justice for Chris. He is greatly missed by the whole family.

“We would like to thank the police and all involved in the trial for their hard work, dedication and professionalism.”

DC Kevin Drury said: “This was a tragic case, where Bashir has killed an innocent man going about his business, as well as maiming members of his own family and leaving them incredibly traumatised.

“Our thoughts are both with Mr Hunt’s family and the members of Bashir’s family impacted by this incident and I hope this sentence can give them all a little bit of closure.

“Bashir’s driving was incredibly dangerous as well as reckless – only he will know why he decided to put his loved ones and other road users in danger that night.

"His decision to drive the way he did, knowing he had five additional passengers in his vehicle, some of whom were unrestrained, was incredibly dangerous and was a major factor in them sustaining their serious, life-changing injuries.

“I am glad Bashir has faced justice and this case is a poignant reminder that dangerous driving can cost and ruin lives.”