Driver pulls up next to police car with child on passenger's lap

Police officers have slammed an 'unacceptable' driver who didn't wear a seatbelt and let a one-year-old child lay on the passenger's lap. Police say they were waiting at a red light in Blackburn when a vehicle, whose driver and passenger weren't wearing seatbelts, pulled up next to them.

They then spotted a one-year-old girl lying across the back seat passenger's lap and wasn't in her car seat - 'all because she cried'. A Lancashire Road Police spokesperson said the driver's actions were 'unacceptable' and said the pair have been summoned to court.

They said: "Traffic officer in a fully marked car sat at a red light in Blackburn, shocked to see a car pull up alongside him. Empty car seat, driver no seatbelt, rear seat passenger no seatbelt with a one-year-old child across her lap asleep all because she cried.

"Unacceptable. Summoned to court."