Driver Says He Still Loves His Cybertruck After It Sliced His Wrist Open And Sent Him to the Emergency Room

Just a Flesh Wound

An Ohio man was super excited when he finally got his hands on his very own Tesla Cybertruck this Saturday.

But the vehicle literally sent him to the emergency room after one of the vehicle's metallic panels sliced open his wrist, leading to him bleeding profusely at the dealership.

The man, who goes by bdesign, eagerly described his eventful day on the Cybertruck Owners' Club forum, a hotbed for viral posts about the truck.

In his post, bdesign also noted the sorry state of his fresh-off-the-lot pickup, from plenty of grime to a loose gasket seal along the truck bed perimeter.

"[S]loppy, sloppy condition at delivery," he wrote. "Windshield (inside) is disastrously dirty. Body panels have some sort of splattery overspray on them that doesn’t wipe off — it just smears around."

But the problems really started when he noticed what he thought was a dent in one of the tailgate panels. When he tried to wipe at it with one of his thumbs, the vertical edge of a rear panel cut his wrist.

"I, too, thought it was a little slice like a paper cut…Until the blood started pouring. A lot of blood…" he wrote, posting a gruesome photo of what looks to be his left hand with a deep gash in the wrist.

No Ragrets

After getting his cut wrapped up, he later opened his bandage to check on his wrist but "BOOM — spurts of blood all over the kitchen island," he wrote. The next photo he posted was seemingly taken inside of a hospital waiting area.

Despite the delivery issues and the vehicle literally slicing his wrist open, bdesign was unperturbed.

"Otherwise, it’s great," he wrote. "Heck, it’s great even with these issues."

The post quickly escaped containment and went viral on X where the peanut gallery took potshots at the vehicle.

"Buying Cybertruck from Cyberloser: $100,000," one X user quipped. "Not knowing about the optional Wrist Shredder feature: Priceless."

This news comes on the heels of owners pointing out how the Cybertruck's truck door can crush people's fingers - though Tesla said it has fixed the issue with a software fix.

But with this latest incident of the Cybertruck masquerading as a deli slicer on wheels, along with other well-publicized stories of quality control issues, perhaps CEO Elon Musk and company should bring this vehicle back to the drawing board — or at least file down its ludicrously sharp edges.

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