Driver slams 'unavoidable' pothole on Glasgow slip road with metal rods sticking out

Ross O'Hare has hit out at the pothole.
Ross O'Hare has hit out at the pothole. -Credit:Supplied

A furious driver has slammed an 'unavoidable' pothole on a busy road in Glasgow which has metal rods poking out from it.

Ross O'Hare says that he feels like he is on a "rollercoaster" when driving through the city's many potholes and one, in particular, has caught his eye.

It's nestled just off the A739 at Balshagray Avenue, in the Thornwood area, on a slip road heading towards the Clyde Tunnel. A picture of the deep hole shows that it has partially been repaired however metal rods can still be seen sticking out.

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Ross, 33, took the photo on Saturday (April 6) and says that it has since been repaired by Glasgow City Council. However, he claims that the pothole is starting to "break apart again".

He said: "You can’t really avoid it. Either way, one of your tyres is going to be hit.

"In the past eight months, I've burst three tyres from potholes including this one. I've also had to get shock absorbers, the whole car has taken a lot of damage and I'm around £900 out of pocket."

The pothole has left drivers hundreds of pounds out of pocket.
The pothole has left drivers hundreds of pounds out of pocket. -Credit:Supplied

Ross recently went on a trip down south and admits he didn't want to return to Glasgow due to the "nightmare" conditions on the city's roads.

We have previously reported on numerous potholes across Glasgow with Great Western Road said to be the 'worst' with hundreds of cars damaged due to the defect.

To highlight how deep the issue is, we drove on one of the city's busiest streets and dodged 14 potholes within 10 minutes.

Ross added: "The moment we left Glasgow, the roads were fantastic. I didn’t want to come back.

"There’s a huge pothole issue here, it’s ridiculous and a nightmare. It seems like we are being penalised for having a car now.

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"I drove past it two days ago and it has been filled but is already starting to break apart again. It’s the third time it has been filled in the past month - they are not doing a good job fixing it.

"In some areas, you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster because of how bad the roads are."

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: "This fault on the road surface has been inspected and assessed and will be repaired as a matter of urgency.

“Potholes are caused by environmental factors such as frost, rain and the volume of traffic and we always prioritise the most serious faults for repair.

“Any faults with the roads network can be reported directly to us via our website, the MyGlasgow phone app and the MyGlasgow social media channels.”