Driver spotted something 'suspicious' as he drove to McDonald's

The bus stop on Meols Cop Road, where the mystery man ran out from
The bus stop on Meols Cop Road, where the mystery man ran out from -Credit:Google maps

A driver on a late-night run to McDonald's was forced to swerve into the opposite lane after a hooded man sprinted directly at his car.

Jack White, 19, drove his Ford Fiesta into the wrong lane on Meols Cop Road, Southport, to avoid the stranger, who chased his car as he continued towards Kew roundabout.

He said: "I was driving towards the roundabout and I saw a line of sandbags covering the road, and I thought it looked a bit suspicious. There was something off about it. Then I saw the guy in the grey hoodie emerge from the bus stop on the field side of the road. It was as if he thought I couldn't see him. But there was no one else in the road, just me and him, so I could see him as soon as he appeared.

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"He was kind of crouching down and edging over to my side of the road. As I got closer he picked up the pace and ran onto my side of the road. I swerved onto the other side to avoid hitting him, but even as I went past he was trying to run towards the car.

"I managed to swerve around him and as I got past I looked in my rear view mirror and he was running towards the car full pelt. I wasn't stopping to ask what he was doing. It was strange. He was literally about 2ft away from my car as I swerved and he was moving towards me, not away."

Jack, who was on his way to McDonald's at the time, reported the bizarre encounter to the police.

He said: "My first thought was attempted insurance fraud. But then I thought if that was the case he wasn't going to lay sandbags out on the road, because that would make it look pre planned. Then I thought maybe he laid the bags out to get someone to stop."

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: "We received a call at 2.35am today (Thursday) of sandbags being laid out across Meols Cop Road. It was also reported a person ran out into the road causing a driver to swerve. The information was circulated patrols and the area was checked but nothing was located."