Driverless Cars Will Be Able To Cross the U.S. On Their Own By 2018 Says Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk has predicted that autonomous cars will be able to drive across the U.S., with no driver on board, within the next two years.

A new software update technically allows drivers to summon their driverless car from its parking space and have it come and meet them, within a three-mile radius.

The update for the Tesla Model S and Model X also enables parking in a spaces perpendicular to the road, while the cars were previously only capable parallel parking or finding their way into a garage.

Speaking at a press conference this week, Musk said: “I actually think, and I might be slightly optimistic on this, within two years you’ll be able to summon your car from across the country”.

While Musk admitted that his predictions may be a little optimistic the ability to autonomously drive Tesla’s cars across the country should be possible with just a few more updates to the on-board software.

While the technology may be available, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be available to the public before 2018.

Image credit: Xinhua News Agency/REX Shutterstock