Drivers who 'check phone' face £569 fine in road crackdown

Drivers could add £300 to car insurance if they break a key rule. It is illegal to hold or use a phone whilst driving, and if you are caught you could also receive a £200 fine, meaning those who check their phone as they drive could be left £569 worse off as a result.

According to research by Go Compare, car insurance can be £369 more expensive for driver caught using their phone. Tom Banks, a car insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “It’s alarming that such a significant number of motorists are taking such a dangerous gamble.

"Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see a driver holding their device while on the road, and that poses a serious risk to everyone’s safety, as it means that an incident is statistically much more likely to occur.

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“We can’t stress enough the importance of resisting temptation and leaving your phone untouched while behind the wheel - it simply isn’t worth the safety consequences. Then there’s the financial repercussions, too. Getting caught could leave you over £500 worse off, so it’s just not worth the risk. If you really need to use your phone, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so before picking up your device.”

Over a quarter of drivers admit to holding and using a mobile phone when behind the wheel. GoCompare warned this is equal to around 11.4 million motorists in the UK and approximately 10.4 million in England and Wales.

But younger motorists are the least likely to scroll on the road. Only 14 per centof under 25s said they’ve done so, despite their reputation for being more irresponsible drivers. Motorists aged 55 and over are also some of the least likely to use their phone, GoCompare found.

Just a fifth admit to this. GoCompare reviewed Home Office and DVLA figures to find which parts of the UK have the highest number of motorists holding and using their phones while driving.