Drivers will have driving licences 'removed' if they 'refuse to take part'

Britons could be stripped of driving licences under a new national service plan. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has suggested that driving licences could be removed from Britons if they refuse to take part in the new national service.

The Prime Minister said: "You'll have a set of sanctions and incentives and we'll look at the models that are existing around Europe and get the appropriate mix of those. There are a range of different options that exist. There's all sorts of things that people do across Europe, whether that's driving licences, other access to finance, all sorts of things."

Mr Sunak has said that every 18-year-old would have to spend time in a competitive, full-time military commission or spend one weekend a month volunteering in “civil resilience”. The party said that the country needed to be “open and honest” about the long-term challenges it is facing, adding the scheme would ensure young people had “the opportunities they deserve”.

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“This is another desperate, £2.5bn unfunded commitment from a Tory party which already crashed the economy, sending mortgages rocketing, and now they’re spoiling for more,” said a Labour Party spokesperson as they savaged the move.

“This is not a plan – it’s a review which could cost billions and is only needed because the Tories hollowed out the armed forces to their smallest size since Napoleon. Britain has had enough of the Conservatives, who are bankrupt of ideas, and have no plans to end 14 years of chaos. It’s time to ...rebuild Britain with Labour.”

Adm Alan West, a former chief of the naval staff, said it was a “bonkers” plan which would deplete the defence budget. “I’m delighted if more young people become aware of defence and are involved … but this idea is basically bonkers,” Lord West said. “We need to spend more on defence, and – by doing what he’s suggesting – money will be sucked out of defence.”