Drivers in England told to 'take car out for 30 minutes' before Saturday

Drivers in England have been urged to ensure they take their cars out for 30 minutes to recharge their batteries before long trips this weekend. Drivers can avoid a flat battery by taking their car out for a 30-minute drive before their trip.

Saga motoring expert Ali Ingram-Seal warned: "A flat battery is a leading cause of breakdowns in the UK and is particularly common for vehicles that typically only make short journeys. Before a long trip, take your car out for a 30-minute journey to fully recharge the battery."

Saga atold motorists thinking about travelling long distances in their car should pack an emergency breakdown kit. It should feature items that can help motorists draw attention to other road users, such as high-visibility jackets, Saga warned.

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Drivers should aslo include a warning triangle that can be placed behind the vehicle and a torch. Motorists are also told to pack a spare set of warm clothes, a blanket and snacks so that passengers can stay comfortable if they get stranded.

She added: "Making sure oil and windscreen washer fluid levels are topped up is crucial before heading out into the busy bank holiday traffic. Under the bonnet, the oil reservoir is under the black cap labelled 'engine oil' and the washer fluid tank is also labelled or will have a windscreen icon."

She advised: "Check and, if necessary inflate, your tyres to the right pressure to improve grip and braking distances. Find the recommended pressures on the inside of the driver's door or the handbook."

The alert comes ahead of millions of journeys being held this weekend, with the motorways set to be heaving with traffic and delays likely as motorists head to the roads and streets in a bid to getaway for the three-day weekend, which lasts until Bank Holiday Monday.