Drivers face £180 fines for following road sign in 'peak holiday season'

Drivers face a £12 daily fine from August as the M25 is shut during "peak holiday season". Motorists who fail to follow signs and are instead diverted into the London Ulez zone by their satnavs could be hit with a £12.50 daily charge.

The M25 is set to shut in August as it undergoes major improvements and will be closed between junctions eight and nine as work continues on the £317million project. Roadworks will reportedly take place during the “peak holiday season”, according to Senior Project Manager Jonathan Wade from National Highways.

Speaking earlier this week, Mr Wade told the Telegraph newspaper: “The next one is scheduled for August. That's still to be confirmed, but at the moment it's been planned for August. At that time, you're obviously into peak holiday season.”

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A spokesperson for National Highways added: “Any future closure dates are yet to be confirmed and any that are announced are subject to change.” The spokerspon went on explained: “Drivers listened to our advice last time which reduced motorway traffic levels by over two-thirds and meant delays were limited.”

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport told GB News: "Passengers driving to the airport are advised to check diversion routes before they travel and allow extra time for potential delays. Gatwick’s train station is well connected and is a great alternative option for people travelling to the airport this weekend.”

Diversion routes take cars on a 19-mile journey on A roads, crossing from Surrey into London's Ulez area, but National Highways has assured drivers "no enforcement action will be taken". However, it warned people they could receive penalty charges under Ulez rules if they stray off official diversion routes over the weekend.

This can increase to a £180 fine if there is a failure to pay, reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days.